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Air Navigation Regulation of Macao



Part I - Preliminary
1. Citation
2. Definition
Part II - Registration and marking of aircraft
3. Aircraft to be registered
4. Registration of aircraft in Macao
5. Nationality and registration marks
Part III - Airworthiness and equipment of aircraft
6. Certificate of airworthiness to be in force
7. Issue, renewal, etc., of certificates of airworthiness
8. Certificate of approval
9. Maintenance programme and Certificate of maintenance review
10. Inspection, overhaul, repair, replacement and modification
11. Licensing of maintenance engineers
12. Equipment of aircraft
13. Radio equipment of aircraft
14. Minimum equipment requirements
15. Aircraft, engine and propeller log books
16. Aircraft weight schedule
17. Access and inspection of airworthiness purposes
Part IV - Aircraft crew and licensing
18. Composition of crew of aircraft
19. Members of flight crew – requirement for license
20. Grant, renewal and effect of flight crew licenses
21. Validation of licenses
22. Personal flying log book
23. Instruction in flying
Part V - Operation of aircraft
24. Operations manual
25. Training manual
26. Commercial air transport – operator’s responsibilities
27. Loading – commercial air transport aircraft and suspended loads
28. Commercial air transport – operating conditions
29. Aerodrome (Heliport) Operating Minima
30. Preflight action by commander of aircraft
31. Responsibility of commander and Passenger briefing
32. Pilots to remain at control
33. Commercial air transport of passengers – additional duties of commander
34. Flight dispatch and flight operations officers
35. Operation of radio in aircraft
36. Aeronautical station operator
37. Minimum navigation performance
38. Use of flight recording system and preservation of records
39. Dropping of persons, animals and articles
40. Carriage of weapons or munitions of war
41. Carriage of dangerous goods
42. Method of carriage of persons
43. Exits and break-in markings
44. Endangering safety of an aircraft
45. Endangering safety of any person or property
46. Drunkenness in aircraft and use of psychoactive substances
47. Smoking in aircraft
48. Authority of commander and members of the crew of an aircraft
49. Stowaways
Part VI - Aircraft noise
50. Noise certificate
Part VII - Fatigue of crew
51. Application and interpretation
52. Fatigue of crew – operator’s responsibilities
53. Fatigue of crew – responsibilities of crew
54. Flight times – responsibilities of flight crew
Part VIII - Documents and records
55. Documents to be carried
56. Keeping of records of exposure to cosmic radiation
57. Production of documents and records
58. Preservation of documents
59. Revocation, suspension and variation of certificates, licenses and other documents
60. Offences in relation to documents and records
Part IX - Control of air traffic
61. Rules of the air and air traffic control
62. Licensing of air traffic controllers and student air traffic controllers
63. Prohibition of unlicensed air traffic controllers and student air traffic controllers
64. Flight information service manual
65. Incapacity of air traffic controllers
66. Power to prohibit or restrict flying
67. Restriction of flying in Macao air traffic control zone
Part X - Aerodromes, aeronautical lights and dangerous lights
68. Aerodrome – commercial air transport of passengers and instruction in flying
69. Licensing of aerodromes
70. Charges at aerodromes licensed for public use
71. Use of aerodromes by aircraft of Contracting States
72. Noise and vibration caused by aircraft on aerodromes
73. Aeronautical lights
74. Dangerous lights
Part XI - Air operator certificate
75. Issue of air operators’ certificates
Part XII - General
76. Power to prevent aircraft flying
77. Right of access to aerodromes and other places
78. Obstruction of person
79. Enforcement of directions
80. Fee
81. Delegation of power
82. Power to prescribe
83. Penalties
84. Extra-territorial effect of this regulation
85. Direction
86. Exemption from this regulation
87. Saving
88. Mandatory reporting
89. Notification to public
Part XIII - Requirements for aircraft flying for purpose other than commercial air transport or aerial work
90. Applicability
91. Pilot responsibilities – regulation
92. Pilot responsibilities – facilities
93. Pilot responsibilities – operations
94. Pilot responsibilities – aerodromes operating minima
95. Pilot responsibilities – Fuel and oil requirements
96. Pilot responsibilities – Fuel and oil requirements (Applicable to aeroplanes only)
97. Pilot responsibilities – Fuel and oil requirements (Applicable to helicopters only)
98. Pilot responsibilities – Fuel and oil requirements (Applicable to helicopters IFR only)
99. Report of hazardous flight conditions
100. Pilot responsibilities – flight crew fitness
101. Break-in markings


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